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White Guava Pulp

White Guava has a texture of grainier just below the skin, similar to the mouthfeel of a pear, and in between the seeds, the flesh becomes smoother as it reaches the center. White guavas should feel heavy for their size and have a slight give to the flesh when gently squeezed. When ripe, the fruits will also emit an aromatic, tropical, heady fragrance. The fruits also contain a sour acidity, creating a sweet & tart taste in the mouth and tangy flavour with fruity, bright, and musky, melon-like undertones.

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Origin: India | Colour: Golden Yellow

Ingredients: 100% Fruit

Preservation: Best before18 months from Manufacturing date. 

Observation: Shake well before using  

Nutritional Value

100g contains

Energy: 312kJ / 75kcal

Fats: 0,9g (of which saturated fat< 0,1g)

Carbohydrates: 14,3g (of which sugar 12g)

Fibre: 4,4g I Protein: 2,3g I Salt: < 0,03g

(*) With no added sugar, it only contains sugars naturally present in fruit.


 Metal Cans 3100 CL (Unit Weight : 3,1kgs) 

white guava.png
white guava.png

Box of 1x 3,1 Kgs

€  (VAT included)

Box of 6 X3.1Kgs

€  (VAT included)

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