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Passion Fruit Pulp

Passion Fruit Pulp

Much like its name, the tropical passionfruit is loved for its sweet, seedy fruit and bulbous gel. Aromatic and deliciously decadent, Nature Fruit’s passionfruit pulp gives a heady makeover to drinks and foods alike, especially mousses and cakes. Get a true taste of the tropics from the minute you open our cans to the last finger-licking drop.

We select our produce only from the best agricultural farms in Colombia.

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Origin: Colombia | Variety: Yellow | Colour: Bright Yellow

Brix: 15.0| Ingredients: 100% Fruit

Preservation: 18 months at room temperature


100g contains: Energy: 234 kJ / 56 kcal | Fats: 0,9 g

Carbohydrates: 11,2 g (of which sugar is) 7,7 g

Fibre: <0,5 g | Protein: 1 g | Salt: 1,0 g


Pulp of Passionfruit Pack of 6X3 Kgs

€ 124.62

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Aseptic bag

Unit weight: 3 kg

Units: 6 per 3 kg box (18 kg)/

20 kg BIB/

200 kg in Drums


Perfect for all kinds of drinks, desserts and nutritional preparations.

Suitable for vegan or vegetarian food. It is not genetically modified.

Passion Fruit Juice
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