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Origin: Indonesia  | Colour: white 

Ingredients: 1Coconut Extract & Coconut Water00% Fruit

(*) With no added sugar, Alergens & additives free.

 Best before:18 months from the date of manufacturing.


​Net weight: 20 kilos 

Gross weight: 21 kilos


Packaging: 20 kg en aseptic bag BIB  in carton box.

Storage: Ambiance temperature.


100g contains:


Energy: 717 kJ /174 kcal | Fats: 17,2 g (of which saturated fats is: 14,9 g) Carbohydrates: 3 g (of which sugar* is) 2,5 g

 Fibre: 0,5 g | Protein (N x 6,25): 1,5 g 

Salt: < 0,1 g


(*) With no added sugar, it only contains sugars naturally present in fruit​

(*) Does not contain added salts. The amount corresponds to the salts that the product naturally presents

Coconut Milk 100% Natural ( Professional Pack of 20Kg BIB)

SKU: 217537123517253
1 Kilogram
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